پنج‌شنبه 10 مهر‌ماه سال 1382
Our dear Tony

Our dear Tony like to emphasize in every speech now, he is not American's little poodle. The problem is, the more he insists on that, the people less believe him and perhaps he has lost public trust for ever. Once you can't justify your involvment in every mess Americans have a hand in, how come you want peolpe believe that you are reacting only for their interest. The irony is, it seems that he has studied Tatcher's era carefully and precisely understands that the British like a strict and serious leader and he tries to play as his role model once played. But, what he doesn't undersatnd is, she was genuinely strict and stubborn but he looks like a kid acts like an adult. He may make a good money rendering speeches all around the world like his fellow American Billy Does, but not a big shot in political scene as he wishes. Brilliant lecturer? sure. Not a great leader, though. Sorry, Tony.

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